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Winning hearts with his charm

BARISAN Nasional’s youngest candidate in Penang, Jason Loo Jieh Sheng, 31, is a hit with residents of Kampung Melayu in Air Itam.

The Air Itam candidate, who is from Gerakan, was well received by them during a walkabout there on Monday. The residents praised him for his friendliness, good Malay speaking skills and his good looks.

Former Pos Malaysia employee Mohd Ali Mohideen, 59, said Loo spoke fluent Malay and that he understood their problems.

“We think he is a good man. We told him our problems and hope he can help out if he wins,” he said.

Mohd Ali, who has been staying in Kampung Melayu since the 1980s, said many road accidents had occurred in the area due to the numerous vehicles which use Jalan Pisang Rastali there as a shortcut.

“That is a narrow kampung road but it is congested. There have been accidents. Even school children cross the road.

“Perhaps the roads here can be widened or new roads built. We also propose for a motorcycle lane in Kampung Melayu,” he said.

Another resident, housewife Nabbeesah Abdullah, 56, thinks that Loo can win, saying that younger candidates were better.

Loo, a former special officer to Penang Barisan chief Teng Chang Yeow, said he received positive response from the people he met.

“My team told me to be quick on the walkabout but I have to really talk to the people to know and understand them.

“I can’t just tell them to vote for Barisan, I have to engage with them,” said Loo who has been busy on walkabouts since Nomination Day.

He added that he would also form a technical team to look into enlarging the units in the Kampung Melayu flats to increase the one or two-bedroom units into having three bedrooms.