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GE13: Sin Chew slams ‘Superman’

 Hew Kuan Yau Hew Kuan Yau

KUALA LUMPUR: A war of words has erupted between a DAP politician and a leading Chinese daily after the politician asked voters to boycott the newspaper for 30 days, calling one of the writers a “dog columnist”.

In a strongly worded statement published in Sin Chew Daily, the newspaper slammed the politician, whom it referred to as an “ordinary member” with the family name Hew, as malicious for asking the voters to boycott the newspaper.

The politician, it said, had always been hostile to the daily. The main reason for the politician's hostility, the daily claimed, was that its deputy editor-in-chief Tay Tian Yan had openly rebutted him for calling reporters “prostitutes”, for which he was directed by party leaders to apologise.

It said that on the contrary, the daily had always paid attention to the opinions of DAP leaders and never stopped to provide an avenue of expression for the party.

“DAP leaders of all levels appreciate the friendly mutual relationship. However, the ordinary member' with the family name of Hew has tried to destroy the good relationship between the party and the daily,” it said.

“He has humiliated Sin Chew Daily and other Chinese newspapers and this has created anger among a large number of Chinese journalists.”

Sin Chew had carried on the same page a report quoting former DAP election publicity chief Hew Kuan Yau, widely known as “Superman”, as openly urging voters to boycott the newspaper for 30 days.

Hew, known for his liberal use of crude language and vulgarities in his public speeches, was also quoted as using the word “dog” during a ceramah in Sibu on Monday to describe Tay.

The daily noted, however, that Hew's call for a boycott did not reflect DAP's stand because many party leaders had openly clarified that DAP was not boycotting the newspaper.

It also featured on the same page a picture of DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang reading a copy of Sin Chew before calling a press conference with other DAP leaders in Skudai on Tuesday.

It stressed that although it would continue to maintain an objective stand and provide an avenue to politicians from all sides, it would not condone vulgar and rude practices.

Last year, Hew had posted on his Facebook account that while “society had recently slammed some teenagers for not having self-respect by prostituting themselves for their material needs, have the people ever thought that there were reporters who had no self-respect and prostitute' themselves to Barisan Nasional for the same reason?”

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